asked questions

Where can I find Cascade Glacier?

Cascade Glacier Ice Cream, Sorbet, Sherbet and Frozen Yogurt is available exclusively to foodservice establishments like restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream shops. Cascade Glacier is not available at grocery stores, but some ice cream shops do offer hand-packed pints that can be taken home, so keep an eye out for shops in your neighborhood!

Where is Cascade Glacier made?

We proudly make all Cascade Glacier products at our own ice creamery in Eugene, Oregon.

How can I get Cascade Glacier for my business?

Please contact us here and a member of our sales team will be in touch soon!

How can I get Cascade Glacier marketing materials for my business?

Please fill out the Retailers Contact Form and we’ll send you what you need!

How can I get nutrition and/or ingredient information for specific flavors?

Please see the products page for full nutrition panels and ingredient lists, as well as product specifications and descriptions of each flavor.

Do you have any allergen-free flavors?

We have several flavors that do not use gluten, nuts, or dairy ingredients, however all of our flavors are made on shared equipment and we do not test finished products for the presence of these allergens. Because of this, we do not claim any specific flavors to be completely allergy-free. Please refer to the ingredient listings on our products page for information on specific flavors, and please consult your trusted medical professional for a recommendation on your specific situation.